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October 11

     An unexciting, but pleasant day! After

a particularly grueling session of Rhythms,

I took me to the Library to read a lot of

fascinating Psych., coming back to the house

in time for Song Practice. We snuck

into dinner for the early shift

again, and then after doing more

Treasury stuff, we prepared for Second

Degree Pledging of Betty Driscoll,

Betty Ann Fletcher and Mabel Dunn.

We went to the Wigwam for Sundaes

and then sat around in the Lounge

listening to the Juke Box – mostly

Earl Hines' "I Never Dreamed." and

finally home, for a minimum of


     Mail from Mother and Dad plus

an awfully sweet one from Bob Oberndorf

he's still fighting in Europe somewhere

– probably Italy – Dad sent some

interesting Post War Planning leaflets.