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October 15

     I glow and am verily happy, cause

today has been super. After the

usual classes with the anticlimax

of Rhythms (I beat myself up

over that doggone course) we drooped

around all afternoon till time

to make ourselves smooth and go

to the Chaplain's reception and

dance. Gollee gee, I surely do

love Naval Chaplains. They were all

young, unmarried and completely

smooth. I sort of got warmed up

and think that by the end of

the evening (8-10) I knew practically

every chaplain there and had

danced with everything from a

Catholic priest to a Jewish Rabbi.

Though I hadn't known any of them

before, I had a sensational time –

one of the best ever. Most of the

evening was spent with a Bill. I

love 'em dearly.