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October 30

     I grudgingly tumbled out of bed

for my eight o'clock to discover

Nuguist hadn't considered coming,

so I grumbled, but went to my

nine o'clock and then after a

trek down town, we cleaned up

the house (oh! for the maid!),

once more unearthing piles of

dirt and scum. Disgusting!

     This afternoon we fooled

around with Canturbury Club

stuff and then came the

Bond Bazaar – I worked at

the Backdrop Club dart game

booth with Cary – in the

Sunken Garden. It was like

a country fair and much fun

– many war stamps were sold too.

     Beth, Cary, several others and I

went to the movies for a mass

hen date to see Bob Hope in "Let's

Face It" with Betty Hutton.