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November 10

     Classes, classes, classes but the

day started out attractively when

Beth, Lou and I got up and went to

breakfast in the cafeteria. Amazing

but good! We perked up the

afternoon by taking Doris Gonzalas

to see "Sweet Rosie O'Grady" – a

typical Betty Grable job but good.

     We went to chapel this evening

where Dr. Foltin spoke again - -

this time on searching for an

individual foundation for the

spirit of Christmas. Very good!

     A cute (?) letter from Eddie

Strogen enclosing the words to "I

Can't Get Started With You" – Bunny

Berrigan's former vocalist lives in

the barracks next to him. Todays

letter from Bill Boyd was

disappointingly carburetor too bad! –

I'd gotten spoiled.