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November 15

     We stumbled out of bed for a

quick process of grabbing some

breakfast and hopping on the

Williamsburg-bound bus, happily

beaming over the memories of the

weekend. It was such fun --- we

didn't do too much of the exciting

nature, but inspite of that, it

was a lovely experience.

     The bus ride was uneventful --

a boring soldier helped carry my bag,

etc. We stopped for a sandwich

at Fredericksburg and stretched.

     It was good to be back though

-- mentally refreshed. The kids are all

so swell. The new slip covers have

arrived and the house is now in

the sensational realms.

     Mail from Margie, Edith, Bill

Boyd (complicatedly explanatory)

and Bill Brennan (wants me to come

home Thanksgiving) So much to do!