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November 19

     The last day of plain ole Rushing ---

everything went smoothly and we

sang and did "Top Hat" routine, "Do

Your Ears Hang Low," etc. It became

rather boring for us but ye Freshmen

seemed to enjoy it. The Scratch

meeting being technically our last one,

was long with discussions and the

like, but our list is finally ready.

     Today is Beth's birthday, and to

shake the cobwebs from our brain

she, Punchy, Lou and I went to the

Lodge Coffee Shoppe for sandwiches,

milk shakes and cake. It tasted

good and was a pleasant change.

After Scratch meeting then, she

opened her presents – she Punch &

I gave her a white wool scarf

and we munched on apples and

Bond cookies. It was lovely. She's

21 and glowing!