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November 20

     I hesitate to confess it but

'tis true that we really had

fun all day in preparing for

tomorrow's Candyland party. Beth

and I didn't quite make it to our

eight o'clocks, and slept real

late – it felt good.

     Betty Lanier came past before

noon and we greeted her with

gusto. She really is swell --

loves KΔ with all her body

and soul. After a hasty

lunch of the Fried Egg variety,

we had a sorority meeting and

then began decorating n' decorating.

Midge, Betty Jean and I trekked

into the woods, looking like a

camouflage as we lugged foliage

back with us. All evening was

a slapstick affair with the job

done by midnight.

     Letter from Bill Boyd – so so.