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November 27

     Sometimes I wonder if people

would believe my diary; and not think

the whole affair was a figment of

my imagination. Today I spent most

of the time in Jamaica with Glory

buying Christmas cards, and glowing

over plans to see "A Connecticut Yankee"

and go somewhere afterwards with

Bill tonight. It's been so long since

we've had a real date together and

I looked forward to being with him

smoothly -- but the gremlins

who keep saying "Let's Not Have Them

Together" stepped in again and gave

him an appendicitis attack combined

with a severe case of intestinal flu.

I'm so doggone sorry that he feels rotten.

     Instead Dave, looking super in his

Merchant Marine's uniform, called for me

& took me to Brennan's where I chatted

with Bill -- then Pat & I left for the

show. It was good, but – hell!