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December 8

     A more-or-less lovely day! Classes

were uneventful, but my Statistics

is done for awhile and today wasn't

gym suit day, so things could have

been worse. In between time Scarlett

and I went downtown to have my

official signature put on the bank

records as Treasurer – and now

it's legal.

     Tonight Holly Miller gave a

shower for Ann Edwards at the

Secretary's house – Lou and I and

scads of other people went and had

a real good time. Ann got some

lovely things and seemed pleased

with them all. In passing her

ring around the circle I snared a knot

which means I'll have a child if not a husband.

     Sensational letter from Bill Boyd.

I want to see him so very badly! Bill

Brennan's letter was nice too – he fear he

won't be able to get home Xmas weekend. Too bad!