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December 21

      After a day of classes and seeing

off some more fortunate friends, Cary

and I hopped on the train ourselves

at 4:20 – uncrowded – plenty of

seats – we beamed smugly. In Richmond

we ate dinner at Chicken-in-the-

Rough and killed time at a News-

Reel Theater seeing "There's Something

about a Solider." We then ambled

back to the station to discover

that the five o'clock train hadn't

left yet and then it was 10:20 –

realizing that the 11:20 we planned

on taking would probably NEVER

come in, we ambled on the 10:20

to find all those who had left

school expecting to get home at

midnight were on it too. Then we

really were impressed with our

cleverness for we weren't even

tired. What a trip!