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Special Events

Jan 6th –        Davis and Geck awarded

                      Army and Navy “E: ” – Daddy

                      accepts at St. George.

Jan. 11th –      I was elected Assistant-

                      Treasurer of Kappa Delta

Jan. 27 & 28 – Bill Brennan visited me in


March 15 –      I was given a job at Telephone

                      Company in Williamsburg.

April 7-19 –     Spring Vacation

April 20 –        Cary, Beth and I took over

                      housekeeping and shopping for KΔ

May 15 & 16 – Glory came to Billsburg

May 21-25  –   Daddy came to Billsburg

May 25-31 –    Final exams and “goodbyes”

June 3 –          Summer vacation begins

June 10 –        I was given a job at

                      Bell Bakeries, Inc.

June 14 –        I began work!

June 22-25 –   Bill Boyd was home!!!!

July 11th –      Bill Brennan was home