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Special Events

August 7-9 – Floyd was home

August 8 –     Bill Brennan was home

August 14 –   RAF Mervin & CMC George

August 16 –   Completely lucky and

                     happy. I turned eighteen!

August 19 –   We moved to 90-11 195 St.!!

August 22 –   Bill Brennan was home.

August 26 –   Received postcard that

                     Floyd is on his way overseas. –

                     the first to go. Next?

August 27 –   My last day at Bell Bakeries.

                     Sadly sentimental.

Sept. 8th –     Italy unconditionally surrendered

                      to the Allies!!!!

Sept. 11th –    I should have gone to Hamilton

                      but “bravely” sniffed instead.

Sept. 22 –       Back to W&M.

Now. 12-15 –   Midge and I went to

                      Washington for the weekend

Nov. 16-22 –    Sorority Rushing

Nov. 24-29 –    Home for Thanksgiving –