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January 21

     A reactionarily relaxing day! I

stayed in bed late, sleeping and

reading magazines, before trekking

downtown to the hank and to market

for the pink and blue room.  We

munched delectable home-cooked

bacon cheese and tomato sandwiches

for lunch, and glowed over same.

     This afternoon, my Psych. books

glared me in the face, and I casually

looked through them before going

to the Lodge for dinner with Beth

and Elaine.  When I came home I

learned Ed Strogen had phoned,

and wanted me to go out.  He

called back, but it was too late

since I had to be back in by

ten.  He’s being shipped soon too!

Wouldn’t you know! Doggone!

     A in Money and Banking too.  It can’t