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March 28

     Such a busy little day.  After classes

a bit more exciting than usual,

I went to the movies with Wayne

Meyers and “Chiggers” to see

“Tender Comrade” which was

rather sloppily sentimental.  

Paul met us as we came out of

the movies, and then the four of

us had a quick supper in the

Greek’s.  I had to be back at the

house by 7 for pledging of Ann

Johnson.  She’s a darling, and I was

pleased when she chose me for her

big sister.  I took her to the

Wigwam for a tinroof – and then

scurried back to the house by 8 when

Paul and Wayne returned.  Janet

Hilton went out with us.  We had

wine at the Greek’s – and then went

to the Lodge and Chowning’s.