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April 8

     Except for a trip to Jamaica,

I just moseyed around the

house all day, till time for

Mother and me to go into Cary

and CB’s apartment for supper.

At quarter to seven Cary and I

hopped a subway for the Astor

where we met Midge, Ed, Seth

and Bill.  After hasty introductions

we took a taxi to the Waldorf where

Davis & Geck was having a cocktail

party prior to the Army Day banquet.

We were surrounded by gold

braid and got a kick out of it.

We went to Howard Johnson’s for

hamburgers – saw “Miracle of Morgan’s

Creek” at the Trans Lux – went to the

broadcast of Bob Hawk’s “Thanks to the

Yanks” – had rum cokes at Topps –

and so on home with Bill (last name?)