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August 31

      Mother canned tomatoes and

tomato juice on a large scale, while

I helped in a slightly bewildered

fashion. It was fun however.

     Bill Brennan came over this

afternoon. He felt rotten after a

double dose of typhoid and cholera

shots, and so we talked quietly with

time out for a coke at Tiedeman’s.

He’s a nice guy, though he seems

unsure of himself now. Aren’t we

all however!

     Glory, Irene, Cam, Lil, Ethel

Christianson and I went to Jean

Lynch’s apartment for a gabfest

and bridge. Jean seems so

happy, and is greatly changed from

the gal I used to know. – Her

baby is dear too. She testifies to

a happy-inspite-of-the-war marriage.