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September 29

     A rainy day to complicate the

Opening Convocation, but inspite of

it we marched in cap and gown

and were terribly thrilled with

it all. Inspite of our blase attitude

about being Seniors, I ’fess big

ole fat tears came in my eyes

when we sang the Alma Mater.

     The afternoon there was more

Flat Hat stuff before a KΔ

Rushing-Invitation Workfest.

     After supper we went to the

Pep Rally, feeling depressed at the

comparison of it with the rallies

of the good ole days when we really

had a team.

     Letters from Freddie, in France;

and Eddie in the Pacific. Eddie sent me

a post card and calling card off

a dead Jap in Saipan.

     We invaded Albania.