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October 13  

     Up at sixthirty this morning to

see the football team off for

the Penn game tomorrow. It was terribly

early but we were moved by cheering

them on.

     I got an A on the latest Contract quiz

and beamed at the improvement – went

to my other classes and did Flat Hat

work. – Bussie came over this afternoon

and we chatted.

     For invitation making I dressed Aunt

Jemima style and blacked my face to

illustrate a potential rushing idea.

     This evening a gang of us went on

the Presbytarian Supper Club’s Moonlight

Cruise and had a sensational time. We

jammed on a truck, dangling our feet off

the edge and drove to the James River

Ferry, which roamed all over the River –

we sang, square danced and stared at the

water. – enjoyed it tremendously!