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October 22  

     This afternoon there was a BIG foot

ball game between Camp Peary and

Bainbridge. It was really football at

its best --- the stadium was jammed

to overflowing and we were especially

moved cause 3 ex-W&M stars played

for Bainbridge. Much like old times,

it was a lot of fun.

     I left the game before the final

quarter to cook supper for the Presbyterian

Club; and had a good time doing it.

     Six beautiful ensigns came to the

house tonight and Cary, Elaine, Beth, Lorrie,

Pat and I chatted with ‘em all

evening. They were terribly smooth —

but somehow we missed the boat —

and are cussing ourselves to death.

     I phoned home and it looks as

though we’re moving to the Van Sicklen

house in Hollis.