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November 4         [three check marks]

     I really can’t believe this! Bill came

over early this afternoon and after much

discussion Mother and Dad decided I could

go home to Wilkes-Barre for the night -- since

Bill was ordered to return to camp a day earlier.

     At about 2, Bill, Gladys, Mrs. Boyd –

Bill’s grandmother and I started driving

the 150+ miles to Wilkes-Barre. It was a

grand luxury to take that long ride.

Their home is just what I’d expected — and

Bill is super in that atmosphere — little things

like watching him fix the furnace suddenly

become important.  – We had a delicious

seafood dinner in Exeter, and then Bill and

I thumbed through his old snapshot albums

etc. back at his home. I felt as though I’d

been there always!

     I wish the time would pass to test Bill’s

plans for the future. Things could get

tremendously deep now. In a way, I wish

we’d let them. Damn the war!