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November 5      [4 check marks]

     Bill woke me up and I gulped breakfast before

taking the 2:45 a.m. train back to Hollis. He bought

my ticket and a chair on the Pullman. God, I

hated to say goodbye to Bill this time! He’s

definitely going overseas - - and I want to be with

him so much more. I pray that future time comes

soon. Oh how I want the war to be over! So

that we could have a chance to live normally.

     As soon as I got home Bill Brennan

called and for the first time I was home to

talk to him. He came over and we drove around

with Mother and Dad. Then this evening I

went over to the Brennan’s. (Breakfast

with the Boyd’s — Supper with the Brennan’s.

Even the cold light of morning was [rosey?]

however) Bill Brennan’s real nice--- is

getting involved in the complications - - and

seems slightly bewildered — or perhaps I am!

     These past few days have been the best

ever. I’m so terribly thankful for them but

wish they hadn’t stopped.