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December 3

     Sunday! We skipped church again,

wishing that we’d gotten up in time to

go. Helen Staples, Jean Corby, Margie

Beers and I went to the Lodge for

dinner (my wallet can’t stand

much more of this Big Sister treat

business) and I finally had my

Thanksgiving turkey. It was real good!

     This afternoon I hibernated in the

Law Library for awhile working on

a mock trial for Tuesday’s class, and

then moseyed around the Pink and Blue

Room for the rest of the time.

     This evening Cary, Elaine and I had

blind dates -- sailors -- and went to

Chowning’s where we drank beer and

sang loud and long. It was good,

healthy fun and an Experience.

     Mother & Dad phoned from the new

home. I’m anxious to see it!