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December 17

     A lovely Sunday as I was awakened

by a letter from Bill (Special Xmas

delivery) which was really wonderful. I

miss him so much and am hoping as

much as possible that he’ll go overseas

via New York when I’m there next week; he

still seems to think there’s a chance of it.

     The pledges gave a Tea this afternoon,

which seemed to be a success. We ate

leftover refreshments for supper and

then Elaine, Beth and Joy and I went

to Bruton to hear the choirs sing

Handel’s “Messaiah”. It was very long –

but lovely.

     We had a surprise birthday party for

Jean Peter this Evening - her mother sent

down a big box of food.

     I called Mother and Dad!

     Eleanor gave me a painting of Bruton,

which she had done, for Xmas. I’m so pleased.