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December 27             [ 2 check marks]

     The day went quietly as I wrote

more letters and generally relaxed till

time to have my hair set at Joy’s and

Ann’s. Mother and I met Dad for

dinner at the St. George in the snow

flurries, and after talking awhile in

the lobby came on home.

     Lizzie had left a note saying “Big News-

Stay Home”, and before I’d let myself

believe that it could mean Bill was in

New York, the doorbell rang and there he

was, as I know that there is a Santa

Claus. He’s stationed at Kilmer and

expects to leave for overseas any day.

He had a 12 hour pass and stayed here

from 9:00 P.M. until 4:00 A.M, We trekked

over to Yohey’s, to find them out; and then

dried out, home--- talked--- drank coffee and

ate chicken sandwiches -- till time for him

to leave. I’m really lucky!