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December 29      [2 check marks]

     I moseyed around the house in the

morning and then Mother and I went into

Brooklyn to see Irene Dunne & Charles Boyer

in “Together Again” and “The Missing Juror”. We

had a late brunch of bacon and eggs

and then picked up Dad at the office

to bring him on home.

     When we got here Lizzie said Bill

had phoned. I whooped cause that

meant I’d see him again. He soon called

back – ate with the Yohey’s and then

came on over. Mother, Dad, Bill and

I sat around talking and sipping a

highball. It was awfully homey

and I loved it good. Bill and I

are really terribly lucky --- of all

weeks – that I’d be home when he passed

through New York. It’s all quite wonderful,

Bill’s a super guy – How I want the

End of the war to come!