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December 30

     A hectic, but wonderful day! This

afternoon I played around with Jackie

Yohey, trying to give her an intelligence

test for Child Psych. Many tense moments

passed as she made coy remarks

about Bill. (She’s six but feels keenly

competition which might mean she isn’t

Bill’s best girl anymore). - Later this

afternoon, Bill phoned again on a Third

12-hour pass. He had 3 buddies

with him; and so Glory, Aud and

Joanie and I met the four of them

and went to the Cafe Rouge all

Evening, where Les Brown was playing.

It was much fun and a good

time was had by all. – as Bill

and I danced around in more

of a glowing daze. Love can be

mighty wonderful. – but I long

for a natural Existence.