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December 31

     The climatic end to the year! Audrey

and I went to St. Gabe's and were moved

by the New Year service. Mother, Dad,

Liz, and I went to the Fish Grotto

for dinner and then drove

on home, when shortly afterwards

Bill phoned to say he has another

pass as I breathed a sigh of

relief and happiness. He came out

for a light supper (I whipped

up biscuits) and because it would

have been so hectic in the city we

stayed home – wanted to go to a

church, but none were open--- dropped

by at Yohey’s and at Gloria’s – then

back home for talks with the family

and each other. He wants to give me an

engagement ring: - if not now at

graduation time, but we decided to wait

until after the war. I guess I’m engaged

to be engaged though. I’m so very happy!