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January 29

     I grudgingly got up at 8 for my

registration appointment with Dr.

Marsh.  I’m taking the same subjects

as last semester with the exception 

of Marshall Wythe seminar instead

of Statistics.  Of course the courses

are different, but the hours and

professors are the same. – Registration

only took a few minutes and so I

came back and crawled into bed –

sleeping and talking till noon.

     This afternoon we all went to see

the movie – and I saw how it ended.  It

was wonderful – I enjoyed seeing it

for the second time. – Tonight I did

Treasury stuff in answer to a

letter from Minnie Mae Prescott, Central of-

fice.  Letters from Bill Boyd (mm) and

Joan.  Amazing:  a B in Statistics

(what a curve) and A in Psych.  I don’t

believe it!