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1945- Finally my lack of sleep in

the past week caught up with me and

I groggily dressed to come back to

Billsburg. Mother, Dad, Lizzie, and 

Bill Brennan saw me off at 

Penn Station; and the end of

the most wonderful vacation ever

ended. I have to see its end.

       Elaine, Cary, Beth and I came

down together. The trip was unevent-

ful, except for a shakeup at Washing-

ton when we were depossessed from

our car and were forced to

scramble around to get on another

one. It was complicated.

       Back in Billsburg with much

chitchat and comparing of notes 

of Christmastime. I go on beaming

with happiness, though I have

an empty feeling at the same time.

     Mail from Bill Hughes, & Bill