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        A pleasant day inspite of a Child

Psych Exam which tended toward the grim

in parts - but I reckon I got at least

a B out of it.

      I was real thrilled today when

Dr. Marsh phoned to tell me that the

Institute of Public Relations (government

men, such as Stimson, McNutt, etc) has

a special program for training 30 College

grads from the whole country for a

government job which sounds quite 

fascinatin' - and W&M wanted me to 

go as one of the 30. Big honor, but

it [involves?] the Washington approach,

which is out. I was pleased, tho!

     Wedding invitation from Midge-

letter from Home (Myrtle is

engaged!!!) - [Hel...topped?] from Pat

Brennan with her picture as girl

leader of Arista - and sweet

letter from Bill.

    How to study Law!