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1945  The weather has featured every thing from

rain to snow today, and so we stayed close

to home aside from short treks downtown, and

going to classes. – Advertising sounds fascinating,

and Public Finance even promises to be

interesting.  They all involve so much work

though: - daily assignments of a complicated

variety, termpapers and the like.  I wasn’t

counting on needing a 36-hour day this

semester either!

     Along about now I’m overwhelmed

with the Scholastic Approach to things.  My

Modern Painting Post Card came home today,

and I was really surprised to see Id

brought my other C up to an A too, so that

the final total of grades reached the astonish-

ing total of 5 As and 1 B – or a 5.81 Average

out of a possible 6.0  I’m so thrilled-tho

rather stunned by it all now.

     A really potent letter from Bill –

my laundry box – and mail from Joanie,

Edith and Gloria.