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1945   Lincoln’s birthday!  Mother and

I went to Jamaica for a Chinese

lunch and then went to the Valencia to

see Margaret O’Brien and Jose Iturbi

in “Music for Millions.”  It was very


     This evening Irene, Myrtle and

I went up to Audrey’s to play bridge

and have deep bull sessions,

inspired by Myrtle’s newly-acquired

diamond. – a grand evening.

     Excitement in the N. Y. papers

over Mac Kaemmerle’s  editorial

in last week’s Flat Hat over

“Lincoln’s Job Half Done” – the

Negro problem.  The Board of Visitors

is taking action and apparently

there is much hubbub in Billsburg.

As soon a I leave, there’s excitement.

     Bill Brennan called to chat and

make a date for tomorrow night.