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     Lawsy, I’m kind o’ beat as a result of

an all-day tour of Richmond with Elaine.

It’s a happily weary state cuz we had

such a good time together.  We took the

10:07 train and the trolley, and finally

ended up in the department store area – we

elbowed our way along and gradually

became weighted down with packages

of two darling cotton dresses a piece. –

non rationed brown shoes – white

pocketbook and gloves.  We were

lucky to have found just what

we wanted and so slumped along

to collapse in the nearest movie to

see Fred Mac Murray and Claudette

Colbert in “Practically Yours.”  Revived,

we had dinner at the Occidental and

I reveled in lobster.

     It was a pleasant change &

we enjoyed ourselves so much.