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     Whee!  I’m beat! The excavators woke

us at 7:30 this morning and now there’s

a ditch about 15 ft. deep stretching along

Sorority Court so that we have to cross

a wooden drawbridge affair to reach

the KD House.  I went sun bathing on

the garage roof and even missed

getting “hydrophobia” on the telegraph

pole – I snared quite a layer of

reddish brown too.

     A gang of us went to see “Keys

to the Kingdom” – it was really

beautifully done and I sobbed ‘n’ sobbed.

     The Smarty Party to which the

gals having the 10 highest averages in

each class go was traditionally pleasant.

 – we munched carrots and played

juvenile games but I enjoyed it.

     I got 98 on my past advertising