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     The advertising test wasn’t too bad and

I was inspired to do Flat Hat work for

about an hour – Lou, Dottie and I went

to the Coffee Shoppe for lunch, poking

our heads in at Bruton to see it

beautifully decorated for the gala

wedding featuring Andrew Carnegie’s

grandson as the groom.

     This afternoon I all but finished

my termpaper and celebrated by eating

at the Corner Greek’s with Elaine

and Ann.

     We all went to the Campus

Smoker – a hilariously wonderful

collection of campus talent and

loved it good. – combination of

the old Varsity Shows and Hellzapoppins

     All day we’ve been listening to news

flashes about German’s imminent

surrender.  We want to believe the

armistice rumors so desperately

that it’s hard not to!