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     Life has been so very lovely today

that my beam has greatly expanded.

Phi Bete initiation took place tonight

and was quite impressive – best part

was “receiving the grip “from the

President on down.  I felt intellectual

for a few minutes, but quickly reverted

to Type. – After initiation, Dr. Marsh

drove us down to the Lodge where we

had a really enjoyable banquet as far

as that sort of thing goes.  Twas delicious.

 – and even the speeches had a spark

of interest to them all. – I spent

the night at the Lodge with Mother –

and we called Dad.

     Everyone has been so terrifically

wonderful to me: - Book-of-the-Month

Club subscription and red roses from

Mother & Dad – lovely spring flowers from

the KDs – an orchid from Bill Brennan –

and Ravel’s Bolero & Peer Gynt suit from Beth

and Elaine.  I’m so very lucky!