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MAY 7   ! – V E Day !

     This morning when we flicked on the

radio and heard the news that Germany

has surrendered at last, we couldn’t

believe it.  We’ve waited so long for it,

and now that it’s here it hardly seems


     At 11:45 a.m. we all gathered around

the back of Wren for a short service of

prayers and organ music from the

chapel.  Then Wren Bells chimed 55 times

for the W&M boys killed in service.  It

was very impressive – but there’s been

too much tragedy to really cheer now tho.

     This afternoon I finished my Public Debt

termpaper and went to Business Seminar

meeting.  This evening was the exciting Mortar-

board tapping of Juniors, and then our

sorority meeting.

     A sweet letter from Aunt Bert, and a

hysterical card & letter from Jimmy – and a

letter from Bill Hughes, saying he’s married!