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MAY 11

     Another pleasant day!  Our last Soc.

test tended to be of the stinker variety,

but it was the end, and that was quite

a compensation.  To celebrate, we settled

back to the bridge game and bull

session approach, inbetween working on

our advertising portfolios, cutting up

magazines and having a quietly interesting

time: - memories of paper doll days, as

we cut and pasted.  I always enjoyed

that sort of thing.

     I got another letter from Bill –

written April 25th – and finally

found out he’s with the 7th Army.  He

Sounded discouraged and tired, but

that’s natural – He was writing on

German paper with a German pen.

Initials on the envelope were C. L. –

wonder who he was.  It’s all so ruthless,

but when you see those prisoner atrocities

they deserve nothing better than what they

gave out!