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JUNE 6  D-Day Anniversary!

     And so the “What Else Can Happen?”

spirit has begun to rage again - - -

Dad’s leg collapsed last evening and

he’s been in bed at the Hotel all

day.  Mother and I spent the day

there with him and have our fingers

crossed that it will improve soon.

     I met Florence Morrow at the

Plato - Reflex Studio at A&S’s of which

she’s manager ---- its so doggone good

to see her again.  We ate dinner at

the Shanghai Royal and then went to the

Victoria to see David Niven in “The

Way Ahead” – quite good for a British


     More graduation gifts: - a lovely compact

from Florence; a bottle of Coty’s perfume

from Edith; and a jelly dish (glass

set) from Audrey.  I’m so lucky!

     A typewritten V-Mail from Bill written

in Austria May 27.  I beam!