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     My lucky star continues to shine

attractively!  I went down to the

hospital this morning and early

afternoon --- and then came on home

on the train.  (met an awfully cute

KΔ from Brooklyn College)

     Jimmy came right about seven

and we went right into the City where

we met an Air Corps buddy of his,

Bob “Typograph” who is equally crazy,

and his girl, Bobbie ---.  We went

to see “On the Town,” a really terrific

Broadway Show and I loved it.  After-

wards we walked around town – then

went to the Brass Rail where I had

an omelet and Cuba Libre --- and then

went to the Taft Tap Room.  It all

made for a really wonderful evening.

We got confused coming home and

walked from 212 Street! -- which was also

fun.  I like him so!