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     Mother and I stopped at the Oaks

before going to the hospital to find

that Dad has had quite a relapse.

Yesterday Dr. Eckerson forced his leg

in contortions which gave him such

excruciating pain that he had a heart

attack.  He really feels rotten.

    Later on in the afternoon we went

to A. & S’s to buy water goblets and

cocktail glasses (Cambridge) for Audrey.

I went over to Penn Station to meet

Elaine and Jan Hilton,  We had an

unusual meal in the Savarin and

then went back to the hospital,

when I was shocked to see how terrible

Dad looked.

     We came on home and sat around

before going to bed -- love those gals!

     A real good letter from Bill –

Austria, June 21st – He still didn’t

know his future.