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     Up early to meet Lou, Dottie, Beth and

Dris in the mad scramble which meant

a trip up the Hudson on a boat jammed

with 4th of July weekenders.  It’s ungodly

hot too which added to the discomfort,

but we managed to have a good time for

it all. – We got off at Newburgh for a wonder-

ful meal and impromptu bridge party

at Mrs. Snyder’s.  She’s such a grand person!

 – We came back on the boat in more sardins

fashion then ever --- were fascinatingly

loving couples everywhere.

     When we hit land again, I dashed

over to Glory’s for the tail end of Aud’s

shower.  She seemed so happy and got

lovely things.

     A letter from Cary in San Francisco –

(typical) – and another sweet letter from

Bill (June 16) – compact from Uncle Fred,

and withholding tax refund from the

government ($34.58 – bless ‘em)