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     Being Lizzie’s birthday, she and I went

into the City to celebrate.  We saw “Rhapsody

in Blue,” the Gershwin movie, and

both enjoyed it tremendously.  The

music alone was wonderful! – After

the movie we went to the Taft Grill

Room for Luncheon with [Lapey?]  It

was all very pleasant.

     Then I went over to Brooklyn to

meet Mother and go to Dr.

Eckerson’s on my own.  The examination

and stuff wasn’t as much of an

ordeal as I’d expected and all

things indicate that I’ll live to a

ripe old age.

     Back to the hospital to find

Dad with a congested lung.   What

next, o Lord, what next?

     We brought Chow mein home for

supper at 10.

     Mail from Lorrie and Midge.