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July 6

     More time at home with my Scrap

Book before going down to the

hospital for a short time again.

     At 5:30 I met Beth, Danny and

Dris on the Astor steps.  We made

a mad taxi ride across town to

Hamburger Heaven where --- cuz it was

meatless Friday – we had tuna-

fish salad.  We idled around

for awhile -- sipped a drink at

Ruby Foo’s -- and then went to

see the Victor Moore – William

Gaxton Show “Hollywood Pinafore,”

where the box office man gave us

$4.80 mezzanine seats for 1.80 -- so

nice of him.  The show was an

adaptation of the Gilbert and Sullivan

operetta – the costumes and ballet

were excellent – and we enjoyed

it a great deal, though it’ll probably

close soon.

     A P.C. from Bill Brennan in Manila.