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     A touch of the unusual!  After a

hamburger for lunch at home, Mother

drove Mabel Hart and me into Ebbets

Field, where Aunt Mabel took me to

see my first big league baseball

game.  It was really interesting and I

got carried away by true Dodger

fan spirit.  Brooklyn beat the Boston

Braves 3-2, which added to the general

enjoyment.  We had dinner at the

Brass Rail and then stopped at the


     This evening at 9:00, Florence and

Jack Hoffman, an old Hollis lad whom

she had met in Atlanta, stopped by.

He took us to the Hollis (to see “A Royal

Scandal” for the second time) and then

we came back to the house – talked

pleasantly (he’s back from ETO too).

Florence stayed all night and we

chatted more.