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     The romantic spirit perseveres!  Mother

and I dashed around all day on

the wedding setup, even taking care

of the birth control angle.  At

two, we went over to Lou’s house

to supervise her dressing procedure

and all the rest of the last

minute preparations.

     Louise was a perfectly lovely

bride and the simple ceremony

in the Rectory was sweet.  More

people were at the reception: -

most of the KDs, f'r instance – and

that too went very nicely.  Lou

and Bill beam at each other --

and seem so very happy.  The short-

ness of their time together doesn’t

seem too important.

    Two letters from Freddie – a sweet

one from Bill Hughes – Bill Breashears –

and 3 terrific ones from Bill – so disappoint[ed?]

to learn he’s going to the Pacific directly!