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     We moseyed around the house

this morning, as I wrote letters. 

Lou called from the Inn and

asked me to go out to Mitchell

Field for the Air Corps Birthday

(38th) celebration; and I was touched

but had to go to Dr. Eckerson’s in-

stead.  I wish I’d gone to Mitchell

cuz Eckerson decided that I should

have an internal examination at

the hospital Friday.  I’m not at all

keen on the prospect.  Always some-


     I dashed back to the hospital

and then on into the Astor to meet

Cary, Jan, Dris, Audrey [Fajans?] and

Dee Isele (after tearing over to the

Airlines Building to find her).  When we

finally got together, we went to Chin Lee’s

 - corny Emcee – got a kick out of

watching people though!