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     The world is all astir over the

terrific news of the atomic bomb with

has wiped out a Jap City – 20000 times more

powerful than TNT! – Its possibilities

stagger the imagination -- like something

out of Buck Rogers!

     Mother and I went to Brooklyn

to the Albee to see “Those Endearing Young

Charms” with Robert Young – and then I

stopped in at the hospital.  I was sp’osed

to meet Eleanor Heyer, but through

a mix up I came on home instead

and in vited Gloria over.  Then

when Mother came home, we

were surprised to see that she

had Dr. Jim Goodmen with her.

He’s a good guy and we had much

fun talking and dancing: - Glory and

I taking turns with Jim.  A

pleasant change

     A letter from Freddie.