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     The most phenomenal day of all --- as

at 3:00 this afternoon Pres. Truman announced

the earth-shaking news that Russia has

declared war on Japan at last.  With this,

added to the revelation of the atomic

bomb, it really looks as though Japan

can’t hold out much longer.  Speculation

is high that the war will be over in

a matter of weeks.  I want it so badly

though that I won’t let myself get

too optimistic.  Oh God, it’s so near now!

     Mother, Nana and I went into

Brooklyn.  I saw “You Came Along” again

and loved it even more than I did the

first time -- and “Adventures of Rusty,”

which wasn’t bad at all.  We had Chinese

lunch and then Mother and I went

to the hospital.

     The news is so wonderful!

     A letter from Midge.