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     The bottom dropped out of things

as I realized several things about

myself and things in general -- that I’d

never know before.  The situation

is tough all over though!

     I went into town for lunch

with Billy and to talk over a

lot of the usual.  He gave me my

first present (birthday) – a lovely

[shell?] pin and earrings – and invited

me to his house for the weekend.

     When I left him I bought

tickets for “Song of Norway” for Mother’s

birthday and then went to the Astor

to see Danny Kaye’s hysterical

“Wonder Man.”  It felt odd to go to a

N.Y. movie alone; but it cheered my

morale, and then back to the hospital.

     A letter from Lorrie and one from

Bill – July 25 – still in France.

     Pres. Truman spoke for ½ hour.